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What is wood-plastic flooring

Wood plastic floor is a new type of environmental protection composite material, is made of composite materials extrusion floor. Wood-plastic floor is actually artificial floor, compared with solid wood, its environmental protection is very good, the price is relatively cheap.

Wood flooring is based on natural wood/bamboo powder as the main raw material (about 60%), adding thermoplastic (about 30%), and then adding some necessary chemical additives, under high temperature and high pressure through professional plastic wood extrusion equipment extrusion molding. Wood-plastic floor in the production process will not use too many additives, its color is very changeable, the key is wood-plastic floor is not afraid of water, so in the wet environment for long-term use is not related. The biggest advantage of wood-plastic flooring is environmental protection, its formaldehyde amount is not high, in line with the national environmental protection grade label.
The plasticity of this floor is good, and personalized patterns and shapes can be customized according to everyone's preferences and needs, which can fully reflect the personality style and enhance the decoration of the room. Ecological wood, renewable, environmental protection, no toxic substances, no dangerous chemical composition, no formaldehyde, itself will not release toxic substances, will not cause pollution to the environment, is 100% recyclable materials.