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SENHU was established in 2014, as

China Wholesale Wood-Plastic Material Manufacturers, Suppliers

, focusing on new environmentally friendly building wood plastic materials, research and development, production, sales, we are committed to the production of fire-resistant anti-corrosion and waterproof wood plastic materials for many years, the use of advanced all-round polymer granulation technology, automatichigh-temperature dissolution extrusion process,so that we are based on high-end wood plastic profiles market, the annualoutput of 50 million tons, the products are sold to more than 50 countries around the world.
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diy flooring
Outdoor Flooring

WPC decking is made of wood powder, HDPE, and additives, having the same processing features as timber. It can be sawed, drilled, and nailed as timber. It perfectly combines the advantages of wood and plastic and is a very good outdoor decoration material.

diy flooring

Wood plastic fences and guardrail is a new class of composite materials booming at home and abroad in recent years, refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride, instead of the usual resin adhesives, and more than 35%-70% of wood flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fibers mixed into new wood materials, and then by extrusion, molding, injection molding, and other plastic processing technology, the production of panels or profiles.

diy flooring
Pavilion and cultural corridor

While maintaining the beautiful appearance of wooden products, plastic wood gazebos avoid the disadvantages of wood gazebos which are prone to cracking, decay, and high maintenance costs. Long-lasting, beautiful, and durable, it is a choice for landscaping in gardens and villas. Green Tiger promenade products have a unique natural appearance, and textures are beautiful and durable, and innovative design, can meet your different needs, let you unconsciously wander in the outdoor environment, and feel the beauty of life.

diy flooring
Outer Wall Sunshading

Green tiger wood panels show the ultimate choice you an exterior wall decoration board, wooden wall, its surface sense of firm texture. low maintenance, waterproof, and anti-corrosion. not easy to mildew, not easy to crack, and your house is naturally com. bring the beauty of harmony!

diy flooring
Integrated log cabin

The wood-plastic integrated house is a complete set of products made of factory-produced, standardized wood-plastic composite wall panels as wall material, light steel structure or steel structure, concrete frame structure as the overall structural connection, together with the company's own production of the above-mentioned indoor and outdoor decorative materials, etc., and in accordance with the standard assembly atlas or customer needs quickly assembled into a complete set of products.

diy flooring
Pet house

In urban construction and environmental planning, WPC materials are widely used in parks, communities, streets, roads, bridges, pavilions, fences, wooden walkways, open-air tables, and chairs in public places, signage, billboards, lattice fence panels, etc. Dog houses made of WPC products are beautiful in appearance and durable in texture and are loved by the majority of pet owners.


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For 8 years, SENHU has been trusted by distributors to provide unparalleled quality products and professional project services.

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To ensure our customers get results by choosing SENHU, our team provides you with quality products and services.

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With a strong R&D team, we have the strength to face challenges and bring our ideas to market.

04 innovation

We have set up a strict quality control system according to ISO and CE standards to ensure the quality of our products.


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