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What is Outdoor Embossed Flooring?

Concrete is known as an excellent choice for exterior flooring due to its practicality, resistance to climate change and easy maintenance. It's also an elegant alternative for indoor flooring and offers many possibilities when it comes to design.

Embossed SPC Floors
Embossing is a surface layer that has a metal plate containing a pattern pressed into it. This creates ridges in the material similar to those found in stone and wood, which gives SPC floors a look and feel of a real product.

Embossed SPC has a photo of a real stone or wood plank printed on the surface layer. The pattern matches the grain of the photograph, making it seem more natural than perfectly smooth vinyl.

A variety of embossed flooring is available for indoor and outdoor use, ranging from small, medium and large patterns to Embossed in Register - the top grade. Embossed SPC is a cost-effective way to add texture and realism to your flooring.

Overlays are a great way to give plain-Jane concrete a textured faux stone effect without the expense of actual stone. These overlays require a thin scratch coat of high-polymer modified concrete and then a second layer is applied for a realistic stone surface that can be patterned with grout tape or colored in your choice of colors.

Concrete Stamped Flooring
Concrete stamped flooring can be made to look and feel like a real slate, flagstone or brick, depending on the style you want. This type of floor can be engraved before it's poured or can be created on existing concrete with the use of concrete stamping tools. It can be given a textured or polished finish, and can be customized with stains, aggregates and colors.