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What is Embossed Flooring?

Embossed Flooring
Surface treatments create visual interest, conceal wear or scratching on hardwood and provide the appearance of natural weathering on vinyl or wood-look products. Treatments like distressing, scraping, wire brushing, sawmarking and antiquing are achieved on hardwood manually or by machine, and can be mimicked on laminate and vinyl floors using embossing technology.

Embossed vinyl and solid floors with lifelike wood visuals and realistic texture are durable, low-maintenance options for any space that requires a resilient floor that looks great and feels good underfoot. This type of product often features a strong, solid polymer core for added durability and dimensional stability, as well as a professional-grade wear layer that protects against scratches, scuffs, dents and gouges.

The top layer of an embossed product is often treated with a soft, matte finish for a comfortable feel. The treatment helps to hide scuffs and stains, and also makes it easy to wipe up spills and dirt.
An embossed solid floor is a type of flooring that has a raised surface pattern, or "embossing," on its surface. The embossing can be in the form of a wood grain, tile, or other design, and is often used to give the flooring a more realistic and natural look. These types of floors are typically made of vinyl or laminate, and are durable and easy to maintain. They are commonly used in commercial and residential settings.