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Decorative veneer market weakening teak solid wood flooring blank tight

Followed last week, wood-based panel market conditions, the weakness of the decorative veneer market stabilized this week, decorative panel prices, building template market transactions deserted. Flooring market, teak wood flooring blank tight, the Russian oak flooring suffered an impact.

First, the wood-based panel market: the weakness of decorative veneer market stabilized, decorative panel prices

Into the end of December, decorative veneer market showed a weak trend of stabilization. Businesses reflect, on the one hand, due to the cold weather, the downstream market demand gradually reduced, decorative panel market into the traditional off-season sales. On the other hand because of plate prices reasons, leading to the market wait and see mood increased. Businesses also said that the upcoming New Year's Day is coming, the market is expected to be difficult to improve the light of the situation, the mills pessimistic mood on the market outlook, so the market is particularly quiet. At this stage, the Guangdong market 1220 × 2440 × 3mm red beech decorative veneer veneer businesses offer 50-75 yuan / Zhang.

Market research shows that the recent price of impregnated paper veneer showed a rising trend. Businesses reported that melamine impregnated paper paper prices began to rise, mostly due to the recent gas prices and other factors, raw materials (formaldehyde per ton up 200 yuan, urea 300 yuan per ton up, base paper) and other raw materials prices rose each caused Item costs continue to rise, thus impregnating paper generally raise the price of 0.8 yuan per sheet, eco-plate and other sheet production costs once again pulled high.

Sheet factory director said, peeling board relative half months ago is not so full, and then a month will certainly be a slight price increase, sheet metal profit is relatively thin, the cost a little bit up, the mill owner will obviously feel Pressure, impregnated paper prices have now begun, and the cost of raw materials rose two weeks after the pressure will reach the finished plate, expected early January there will be difficult to bear the cost of some enterprises the first price increases. At this stage, Guangdong market 1220 × 2440 × 0.7mm impregnated paper veneer businesses offer 32-38 yuan / Zhang.

Building template market transactions deserted. Market research shows that the recent construction template market was unusually quiet. Businesses said the main reason is due to, the environmental protection department again inspections, more outdoor projects and construction projects were forced to stop working. In addition, near the end of a lot of building template dealers have begun the year-end bill settlement, shipping orders are more cautious, so the recent construction template shipments significantly reduced market. At this stage, Guangdong market 1220 × 2440 × 15mm eucalyptus building template business offer 120-130 yuan / Zhang.

Second, the floor market: teak wood flooring blank tight, the Russian oak floor suffered an impact

Teak solid wood flooring raw materials tight. Market research shows that the recent war in Myanmar, teak wood flooring raw materials shortage. Merchants said that this year, Burma's teak export policy of Burma government's regulatory efforts continue to increase, resulting in direct imports of teak flooring business from Myanmar, the raw material appeared more difficult. Some merchants also said that since the tightening of government policies in Myanmar, domestic flooring manufacturers began to import teak flooring materials or substitutes for teak flooring materials from Indonesia and Laos. At this stage, Guangdong 910 × 125 × 18mm teak wood flooring business offer 650-700 yuan / square meter.

Russian oak flooring suffered an impact. Market research shows that since the Ministry of Trade and Industry implemented a quota system to revise the export tariff rate on unfinished timber exported to the Russian Far East in December, the export volume of Russian oak flooring material dropped sharply. Some merchants said that the output of oak wood in northeast China is relatively small, coupled with China's ban on logging, although a little yield but not enough to supply the market demand, so oak wood can only rely on imports. The Russian oak wood resources are more abundant, good quality, timber flooring manufacturers become an important raw material, so the implementation of the quota system on the Russian oak flooring market great influence. At this stage, Guangdong 910 × 125 × 18mm teak wood flooring business offer 330-380 yuan / square meter.